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Postby crazyscience » Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:25 pm

So you're looking for diamonds? Well, good news. There are 23 people on the server that have diamonds for sale. But how are you going to know where you can get them or what they cost?

That's what this forum is all about. If you have something you want to sell, make a new topic with the name of the material. Then you can post in the topic about your prices and where it is. If a topic already exists for your particular commodity, just use the existing one and add to it. You might include your town information for the ultra-loyal players like lionbandgeek92 that only will buy from people in their own town. This is a great way to undercut people and create a competitive market. As always, we encourage taking advantage of people that don't read the forums, so please do! :)

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