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Postby BeastOfDeath45 » Sat Jun 16, 2012 11:07 am

Note: This is from my account on the forums, but not for my MC account. The MC account in question here is Deathinator5432, my bro's account. (He wanted to file a ban appeal, so I'm just letting him use my forum account to post it. Also, he isn't the one typing this, so that's why it's actually legible. But he IS telling me what to write, so it isn't fake.)
In-game name: Deathinator5432
Why you were banned: "Griefing Wilderness section of Niji."
Who banned you: TheGreyPicture (He thinks.)
Why you want to be unbanned: "I had a nice house, and I liked the server. I only detonated TNT because I was angry; it wasn't because I was bored or anything. It won't happen again."
Other comments: "I also got in a few arguments with the mods on my bro's account, and that's part of the reason his was banned. But that was just me getting mad again."
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