New Motion: Town PvP and Non-discriminatory acts of....

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New Motion: Town PvP and Non-discriminatory acts of....

Postby Agent_LosDEJ88 » Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:53 pm


Motioning that if you own or are assistant to a town, you have the right due to usually part payment of town creation to alter PvP status at the whim of your own mindful command. This can be to turn it on to pvp real quick, dump lava (anything destroyed is your own doing, thus no punishments except self hatred may be allowed), keep PvP on for extended periods of time until the rest of the community is sick of getting ganked in own buildings and then may or may not be turned off.

Reason for Motion: Lionbandgeek92 forcefully added an unwritten rule to PvP rules, that one may not use his town powers to turn PvP on to quickly attack by any means (thanks steak for the lava trick, its quite useful and effective for the pests who visit a town) and then return it to PvP off, however I disagree with that rule because if a town member who has some authority (assistant or mayor) should be able to use that effective tool for keeping out pests or town rivals, whether personal or town/nation wide (You all know I am an enemy of Blackthorn, and they are my enemies....personal enemies...not town enemies). It should be common knowledge to venture to an enemy town, and be wary about randomly getting killed or some sort for invading while clearly knowing they want to kill you...unless stated otherwise when coming to enemy town.

I dont want to type anymore, so thats my quick response to an unwanted pvp law. I am not going to revise/reread it for errors, so I am sorry for any.

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Re: New Motion: Town PvP and Non-discriminatory acts of....

Postby crazyscience » Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:02 pm

You can use pvp toggles as you please if you own a town. This can work for you, or against you, so you probably don't want to be AFK in an area that you think is safe...

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