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rollercoaster project

Postby G_I_JEW » Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:54 am

so i decided to build a roller coaster, and i started playing with the mine cart track and falsebook addon to get more familiar with it. well i went someplace to build a track for mining for teh rollercoaster and wanted to integrate teh minecart track and falsebook into the mining project so i can get more familiar. well using every possible thing i can do to get it to work properly. i has failed. so now i am asking for some help from someone who is really good with the mine cart track and falsebook addon for the minecarts. if you would like to help, you will have to get access to my secret house in new spawn and use my stargate to get to "transit" from there you will need to find the stargate that has "railmine" on it. it will be teh one that says jmines but spelled wierd. when you get there it wont be hard to find the minecart track, i can ride in a cart to the top but i need to be able to send one with a chest up to the top. unless im riding in the cart. all the carts will go up and tehn come back down a second later. if it goes up teh right side track and comes down teh left then it works like it should.

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Re: rollercoaster project

Postby crazyscience » Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:20 pm

I'm so confused by this post...

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