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Each skill offers different levels you obtain through gaining experience by using that skill. Each skill also has its advantages, as you level higher by gaining more exp, the more benefits you receive from your skill! Below is command usage, and a list of each skill and its description.

/stats - Shows you your current stats for each skill

/mcability - Toggles off skills

/mcc - Show a list of commands

/<skillname> - Shows detailed information about that skill

Some commands listed in /mcc are not available yet, same for skills. In the future more things like new skills and a party system will be added.

Taming - Tired of your wolves being pathetic? Well now its time for you to stop being such a pathetic beast handler and increase your skill in Taming. Taming increases by engaging in combat with your Tamed wolves. Levels of Taming will offer benefits to your wolves such as damage reduction versus explosions, fire, fall damage, and all incoming damage. Offensive skills that increase the damage of the wolves and offer critical strike chance and a DoT applied to foes unlucky enough to be "Gored" by your wolves.

Wood Cutting - Its finally time to show the tree huggers who's boss, cutting down trees is the only way to level this currently. Higher skill levels will allow a double drop proc to happen, and if your skill is high enough it will be guaranteed.

Unarmed - Punching the hell out of monsters will gain you experience, but you shalt not be rewarded from abusing farm animals. Really, wheres the fun in taking out your aggression on Pigs? With this skill players can actually make unarmed useful for combat, great for combat even. Get this high enough and you can disarm what other players are holding and drop it to the ground.

Archery - Shooting arrows was cool in vanilla minecraft... for about 5 minutes, this skill is looking to change that as archery will let your damage increase at higher levels, and you can eventually daze players providing a very beneficial pvp benefit. Higher levels of archery will let you retrieve arrows from corpses.

Herbalism - This one is for the harvest moon fans, picking herbs up (flowers, mushrooms) and harvesting crops will help raise this skill. Its benefits include double drops from farming and increasing the effectiveness of bread and stew.

Mining - This is simply what the name is the more you mine the more shit you get. Its benefits include double drops, super pick (allows for triple drop chance).

Excavation - This actually makes dirt useful... well to an extent, you'll still end up throwing dirt in a big pit of lava to clear that inventory for the good stuff. The benefits from excavation is TREASURE and lots of it actually. You will notice even at a low level its totally worth it. Some treasure you can find includes empty buckets, glowstone dust, slime, bones, cake, and even diamond. There is a full list here

Swords - More reason to stab monsters between the eyes. Benefits include performing a parry and serrated strikes. Parries happen automatically and negate all damage. Serrated strike will let you gouge your enemies and bleed them to death.

Axes - Embrace your inner viking with the axes skill. No longer are axes just for obsessively chopping down forests. With the axes skill, players will be able to do critical hits, instantly killing monsters and causing severe damage to players. As your skill increases, your chance to critically strike will too. Another added benefit to the axes skill is the skull splitter ability. This will let players cleave and hit multiple enemies at once, transferring the equivalent damage divided in half to cleaved opponents.

Repair - Thousands of days of being obsessed with dwarven craftsmanship will finally pay off, gained by reforging old and battered equipment, this skill helps the player use less resources when repairing with an anvil (iron block).

Acrobatics - Finally the days of spraining your ankle have paid off. No longer will you look down a 100 meter drop with fear. With the acrobatics skill your ability to negate fall damage increases.
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