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Runecraft adds magic to the game in the form of "runes" that can be constructed in the actual game world. This enables players to create teleporters, "enchant" tools for added functionality, and do many other things.

A number of materials that may be used in the construction of runes have been assigned values based (more or less) on their rarity, and affect the potency of the final result. This chart lists the known tiered materials and their potency.
Tier: Blocks
Zero (or Blank): Air, Dirt, Grass, Stone, Snow, Sign, Mycelium, Tall_Grass

One: Cobblestone, Flowers, Gravel, Logs, Sand, Wood, Fire, Netherrack, Soul Sand, Wool, Sandstone, Monster Spawner, Sponge, Snow Block, Ice, Sapling

Two: Chests, Field, Furnace, Glass, Lava, Leaves, Mushrooms, Stone Brick, Stone Slab, Stairs, Stairs, Water, Workbench, Glowstone, Note Block, Lever, Fence,
Pumpkin, Pressure Plate, Pressure Plate, Crops, Piston Extension
Three: Brick Block, Cactus, Clay, Iron Ore, Coal Ore, Redstone Ore, Reeds, Torches, Lapis Lazuli Ore, Cake, Redstone Wire, Jack-O-Lantern, Rails

Four: Bedrock, Bookshelf, Gold Ore, Iron Block, Lapis Lazuli Block, Moss Stone, TNT

Five: Gold Block, Jukebox, Obsidian, Diamond Ore, Portal

Six: Diamond Block

A list of all runes can be found here with a full description of what the runes do, how to use them, and how to build them.
Note: on this site look under "Everything Else" and click those links... the site divides into subsections
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