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Postby lionbandgeek92 » Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:28 pm

so mrminivee messaged me a while back wanting the cc staff to start a server much like cc was... well all the staff declined because they have made "homes" elsewhere. i took him up on his offer and have started a towny war smp server. mrminivee being the owner me as head admin. its hosted in australia but we'll eventually have versatile staff on at all times... this server just opened as of today this morning and went public. info on it can be found and upvoted here and ... ralia-162/

the planetminecraft says its prison... i'll have to get him to change the tag but its towny

if you want to join and help start my new community this server is a great work in progress and i could use some old aquaintences to help me get it started. if you just want ip here it is.
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