Can anyone explain this situation?

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Can anyone explain this situation?

Postby Thunder_Luigi » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:19 pm

Please excuse me if I sound whiny, but...

For the past two days I have been suffering some major connection issues to the server (primarily a 5-10 second lag while playing). However, there are some oddities to that:

* I'm able to browse the rest of the internet just fine
* Logging into the server is quick, the ping readings at normal levels with my connection (anywhere between 200 and 2000 ms lol)
* Stewie1027, a fellow player from the same city as me with the same ISP, is able to play on the server just fine
* Resetting all possible connections (between computer, cable router, and wi-fi router) didn't solve the problem
* I keep getting kicked out with either "end of stream" or "internal exception" messages within a noticeable interval of a few minutes
* There was a short time about eleven hours ago where the server ran fine
* This had never occurred before in the twelve-ish months I've been here

Further observations (typed as I experimented):

* The server is able to register any block changes that I do, but it looks like the server is lagging hard from my clients (desktop and laptop). This was concluded from relogging in and out every time I broke a block.
* I have tested this on both the regular launcher, and with Magic Launcher with and without Optifine for 1.4.5. Magic Launcher without Optifine seems to be working fine, but I'm wondering if this is a fluke.
* Turns out that Optifine has been ironically slowing my client down.

Also, has there been fiddling around with the server in regards to connections and whatnot?
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